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Money Making Guide!

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1 Money Making Guide! on Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:12 pm

Hey guys! I just wanted to post this money making guide for people that are new and looking for money!

The first way requires 3 things:
1) 43 Prayer and prayer potions
2) A good weapon
3) patience Wink

Step 1: Click on the Slayer Skill box of the skills interface:

Step 2: Kill Dust Devils until your inventory is full of Dragon Boots and clue scrolls (clue scrolls are worth 25m-100m. Dragon Boots are worth 9m each when you sell to Giles.)

The Second way is to thieve your money.

There are no requirements to this but it takes awhile so be patient

Step 1: Got to the stalls to the west of the Home teleport spot.

Step 2: Thieve from the stalls that your level allows. (Levels go as follows: General Stall-1, Silver Stall-40, Veg Stall-60, Gem Stall-80)

The third and easiest way is to Merchant items you have or buy.

There are no requirements but some starting money would help.

Step 1: Buy an item/Get an item from a npc (a.k.a monster drops)

Step 2: Sell the item for more than you bought (or for anything if it was a monster drop)

Repeat and make cash!

I hope this guide helps you all and I will post more when I think of them! Very Happy

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