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Also, if you enjoy playing on our servers and have the money to spend, please consider donating a few bucks or even purchase our exclusive membership system and take advantage of many features, new and rare members items to wear, and more!

Welcome to DementedX, please support the server by donating!
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1 DONATION BENEFITS! on Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:12 pm


DX Forum Owner
DX Forum Owner
Hey everyone! These are the Benefits for donating!


1) Any skill to 99
2) gets you any normal item, we can duscuss this


1) Any above average item, except the 10$+ items


1) Bandos War Spear (no pking with this item)
2) Donator status + access to donator area (pics below)
3) Angelic wings/Demonic wings


1) Any pvp armour set (ex. statius, zuriels etc.)
2) Donator status + angelic/demonnic wings bonus package


1) Donator status + Any pvp armour set OR any 4 skills to 99


1) Super donator status + access to super donator area (pics below)

Also, For the big spenders, there is the option to donate for staff.
(i will tell you them before paying!)


Moderator status


Administrator status


Co-owner status

~~~~~~ Donator area! ~~~~~~
contains: woodcutting, donator shop, stalls, banks, mining, runecrafting, donator funpk drug dealer :p

~~~~~~ Super donator area! ~~~~~~
contains: woodcutting, fletching, super donator shop, theiving stalls, banks, mining, runecrafting, farming, fishing, all shops at ::shops, super donator funpk!

i couldnt be bothered shoing you all of it with pics, so it will be a surprise Wink

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2 Re: DONATION BENEFITS! on Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:42 pm


DX Forum Owner
DX Forum Owner
there are so many benefits of donating.
you should def do it, now : )

ign- ashleyy [owner] need help, just ask (:
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